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Cultivated Stones: Chinese Scholars’ Rocks from the Kemin Hu Collection

November 4th 2023 - March 17th 2024

Exhibits Gallery, National Bonsai & Penjing Museum

Discover the unfathomable appeal of Chinese scholars’ rocks. Though composed of solid stone, they may appear to billow like clouds or dance like flames; though viewed atop stands or tables, they may evoke snow-capped mountains or turbulent seas, ferocious beasts or tranquil vistas.
Dr. Phillip E. Bloom
Curator of the Chinese Garden and Director of the Center for East Asian Garden Studies
The Huntington Library, Art Museum and Botanical Gardens

In honor of a generous gift from Kemin Hu, we are filling our Exhibits Gallery at the museum with Chinese scholars’ rocks (gongshi) originally from her extensive collection. Step out of the nation’s capital and into the world of the Chinese literati– a mystical, magical landscape of inspiration and exploration.

Accompanying the exhibition is a 152-page catalogue featuring 107 color photographs of the entire collection and an essay exploring gongshi‘s 2000-year history by Dr. Bloom. Visit the National Bonsai Foundation’s website to learn more and order a copy here!