Plant Introductions and Releases

Many of the ornamental and flowering trees and shrubs and herbaceous garden plants found in cities, towns, and home landscapes throughout the United States and many other countries were developed by scientists at the U. S. National Arboretum through years of hybridization, selection, and careful evaluation. During its 90-year history, the Arboretum has released over 650 different woody and herbaceous plants to the American public through the nursery and floral industries. More new plants are typically made available each year.

We are pleased to provide to you an up-to-date list of our introductions. In addition, we are now developing and presenting detailed fact sheets for many of our outstanding plants. In addition, some of these fact sheets are of our releases which have been awarded gold medals by various plant societies. These are superior landscape plants and proven winners. Please view the individual fact sheets to learn more about each of these plants, and to find out if they are suited for your needs.

New Arboretum Posters Highlight Introductions

Click here to see our three new full-color posters featuring some of our best woody plant introductions. One poster features our superior tree introductions, while a second one focuses on our most outstanding shrub cultivars. The third poster is devoted solely to our well-known crapemyrtle introductions.

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U.S. National Arboretum introductions’ individual fact sheets, including award winners