Washington Youth Garden

Nestled between the Grove of State Trees and Fern Valley Native Plant Collection, Washington Youth Garden (WYG) is designed to connect children and families to where food comes from…the earth! Each year, thousands of area children experience hands-on gardening and nutrition activities at the garden, which is administered by Friends of the National Arboretum and made possible by charitable contributions from a wide range of supporters.

Enthusiastic WYG staff sow seeds of interest in gardening, healthy food, and environmental stewardship throughout the year with engaging lessons, activities, and workshops that are delivered at Washington Youth Garden, as well as in school gardens located across the city.

You can find a wide variety of food crops growing between April and October. A butterfly garden and a natural play area abuts both sides of the garden, while a teaching pavilion provides shade on hot summer days and protection from the rain. Don’t be deterred by the fence, which is meant to keep out deer, not visitors. Please close the gate behind you.

To learn more, please visit Washington Youth Garden’s website, www.washingtonyouthgarden.org.