Koi Return to the Administration Building Pool!

September 23rd 2020

After nearly a decade away, about 20 koi are returning to the aquatic garden at the Arboretum’s Administration Building on September 24! Their new and improved home features updated, robust filtration and fountain systems to maintain water quality and a healthy environment for the koi.

Nutritious food is key to the koi’s good health, and they are fed a specialized diet that varies throughout the year as their needs change with the seasons. Human food can be dangerous for the fish, especially during the colder months when their digestion slows significantly. Thank you for not feeding them, no matter how cute they are when they swim to the edge of the pool to beg!

As the weather cools, the koi will become less active and spend more time closer to the bottom of the water. Because they’re exerting so little energy, the fish hardly eat. Even their breathing slows. Koi pass the winter in this state, called torpor, until springtime warming perks them up again. Although only 20 or so fish are returning to the pool, expect to see
many more by next fall. Koi breed by spawning every spring: the females “drop” unfertilized eggs into the water, where the males release sperm to fertilize them. Fertilized eggs hatch only a few days later, which means the aquatic garden’s going to be a busy place by next summer.