Explore America’s Stately Treasures!

May 19th 2021

Do you know your state tree? Do you know why your state tree is what it is?

Every state and the District of Columbia has selected an official state tree, and these trees say something about the states they represent, the people who live there, and their history. Explore this unique part of Americana and the grounds of the Arboretum with our newest tour, Stately Treasures. Visit your state tree or discover all fifty-one as you visit the Arboretum’s many plant collections. The tour can be experienced by car or on foot; visiting every stop will cover about four miles.

Signs on the grounds point the way, but all of the tour’s content is found exclusively on the Arboretum’s free app, available both in Apple’s App Store and on Google Play. In the app, click on “Tours” and scroll to find “Stately Treasures.” Please note there is no WiFi at the Arboretum; consider installing the app ahead of your visit.

The United States isn’t just land, it’s also people. State trees offer a surprising, unique peak into how we see ourselves and relate to the places that we live.