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Agents of Discovery Mission Now Available at the U.S. National Arboretum

Now you can learn about trees and nature while playing a fun game on your smartphone on your next visit to the National Arboretum! Agents of Discovery is a game that you can download to your smartphone that provides thought-provoking questions and activities for children. The game consists of different missions that are staged in different locations throughout the U.S., Canada, and the United Kingdom. Each mission is scientific or cultural and serves as a great interpretive tool. The National Arboretum mission is in the National Grove of State Trees and the Washington Youth Garden. Our mission will be included in launch event June 27 for a D.C. Explorer Campaign that will run through November 1; kids may earn badges for playing all the missions available at about ten sites in the D.C. area during the D.C. Explorer campaign. For more details, please visit https://agentsofdiscovery.com/play/campaigns/.

Since the Arboretum does not provide WiFi, we recommend you download the free Agents of Discovery game at the app store on your smart phone prior to your visit.

NEW PROGRAM SERIES: Herban Lifestyles

Herbs fit into almost every facet of our culture, from healing to high fashion. Join professional herbalists and herbal artisans for the National Arboretum’s Herban Lifestyles series to learn new ways to incorporate herbs into your everyday life. Keep checking the Arboretum’s calendar of events page, as more Herban Lifestyles events are coming!