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Dr. Sandra Reed

Research Geneticist
{McMinnville, TN}


CRIS Project Title:  
Genetics, Breeding, and Improved Production Efficiency of Nursery Crops

Conducts research on breeding and genetics of Hydrangea, Clethra, Styrax and Cornus to develop improved cultivars.  Emphasis of breeding program is to develop new cultivars with resistance to diseases and insects, tolerance to environmental stress and superior ornamental qualities.  Both intraspecific and wide hybridizations are utilized, with embryo rescue being employed when necessary to secure wide hybrids.  Pollination biology, inheritance and cytogenetic studies are conducted in conjunction with the breeding projects.

One of the goals of the hydrangea breeding project is to combine cold hardiness and flower color.  We have produced two interspecific hybrids (Hydrangea macrophylla × H. paniculata and H. arborescens × H. involucrata) for use in this project.  Both involve one species with colored flowers and another with cold hardiness.  We are also using an intraspecific approach to this problem.  Controlled pollinations between reflowering (remontant) bigleaf hydrangea (H. macrophylla) cultivars, such as ‘Endless Summer’, ‘Penny Mac’ and ‘Oak Hill’, and cultivars with mildew resistance and a range of ornamental traits have been made.  Several seedlings that flower on current year’s growth have resulted from these pollinations and are undergoing evaluation.
Oakleaf hydrangeas (H. quercifolia) with compact plant form and large, upright inflorescences have been produced from controlled pollinations.  Five of these selections are being tested in various regions of the country.  A compact panicle hydrangea (H. paniculata) is also being evaluated.  Unlike standard cultivars of these two species, the compact selections will be suitable for use small residential landscapes. 

An intergeneric hybrid between Hydrangea macrophylla and Dichroa febrifuga has been produced.  Dichroa febrifuga has metallic blue fruit that persists throughout winter.  Incorporation of this trait into H. macrophylla would increase the winter appeal of this species.

A hybrid between Clethra alnifolia and C. pringlei was developed with the goal of combining cold hardiness and adaptability from C. alnifolia with ornamental foliage of C. pringlei.  The hybrid is intermediate in appearance between the two parents and has foliage that flushes red.  A number of variegated plants have been obtained from advanced generations derived from this hybrid, and are being evaluated for commercial potential. Styrax japonicus (Japanese snowbell) is a small ornamental tree that produces fragrant flowers in late spring to early summer.  Despite its ornamental merit, this species is under-utilized in the U.S., primarily because it is subject to damage from late spring frosts.  We selected 28 plants that broke dormancy approximately 3 weeks later than standard cultivars, which allowed them to escape spring freeze damage.  Four of these are currently being evaluated for release as cultivars.

Breeding programs in Hydrangea, Clethra, Styrax and Cornus will continue.  Wide hybrids will be evaluated for commercial merit.  Fertile hybrids will be intercrossed and/or backcrossed to parental species.  Additional intraspecific and wide hybridizations will be made.  Data will be collected from H. macrophylla hybrid populations on inheritance of inflorescence form, powdery mildew resistance and remontant flowering habit.  Data will be collected from cooperators on performance of 15 selections that are currently being evaluated in various parts of the country.  If information received on the performance of these selections is favorable, they will be released as cultivars.


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