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Floral and Nursery Plants Research Unit

Dr. Scott E. Warnke

Research Geneticist
{Beltsville, MD}

Enhancement of Turfgrass Germplasm For Reduced Input Sustainability

Conducts research on the genetics of plants used as turfgrasses.  Identifies and develops enhanced germplasm from wild species that express improved biotic and abiotic stress resistance.  Develops improved turfgrasses through the use of new technologies such as molecular markers and genomics.

Research in the last three years included: 1) the generation of AFLP markers in creeping bentgrass (Agrostis stolonifiera) to evaluate chromosome pairing behavior; 2) Expressed Sequence Tag sequencing of creeping and colonial bentgrass cDNA libraries and the isolation of EST SSR markers for genetic map development and genetic diversity evaluation;  3) The evaluation of transposable elements in creeping and colonial bentgrass for genetic mapping and species separation;  4) Development of a new native grass Danthonia spicata for use as a turfgrass.

Continue to investigate the genome relationships of the common cool-season turfgrass species in the U.S.  Develop new creeping bentgrass populations with improved dollar spot resistance through the use of marker-assisted selection.  Identify and develop new grass species for use as low maintenance turfgrass.


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