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Floral and Nursery Plants Research Unit

Dr. Ramon Jordan

Research Plant Pathologist
{Beltsville, MD}


CRIS Project Titles:
    1.  Development of Detection and Protection Technologies for Viruses and Bacteria of Major Significance to Ornamental and Nursery Crops.
    2.  Genetic Improvement of Floral Crops for Pest, Disease, and Stress Tolerance and Ornamental Qualities.

Conducts research on the biochemical and biological nature of plant viruses, their genomes, and their gene products. Develops and utilizes serological and nucleic acid-based reagents and technologies for improved detection, differentiation and identification of new and emerging viruses; determines the genome organization of selected important ornamental viruses; and, develops methods and new strategies to confer virus resistance in plants through expression of antibody proteins or replicase-binding peptides in transgenic plants.

Research acomplishments over the last five years have included: 1) determined the full-length genome sequences of four unique viruses of geranium, Pelargonium line pattern virus, Pelargonium ringspot virus, the related Elderberry latent virus, and Pelargonium chlorotic ring pattern virus; and, based on their genome organization, proposed they be included in a new genus (Pelarspovirus) in Tombusviridae;  2) determined the full-length genome sequences of two unique US isolates of Pepino mosaic virus and the 3' terminal portion of a third MD isolate;  3) discovered, partially characterized, cloned and sequenced the 3' terminal portions of seven new and emerging potyviruses infecting Impatiens, OmphalodesSpiranthes orchid, Euphorbia 'Crown of Thorns', and Tricyrtis 'Toad Lily';  4) characterized re-emerging viruses and determined new (first report) ornamental hosts for several viruses, including Bean yellow mosaic virus (BYMV) and Broad bean wilt virus (in Verbena), Lily virus X (in Tricyrtis), and Dasheen mosaic virus (in Spiranthes);  5) developed and evaluated the stable expression of recombinant single-chain (scFv) BYMV-specific and potyvirus broad-spectrum antiviral monoclonal antibodies (McAbs) as phage-displayed proteins in bacteria, and as TMV virus vector-expressed proteins in N. benthamiana;  and, 6) continued collaborative research on the biological, serological and molecular characterization of, and development of detection strategies for, Plum pox virus

Current research includes:  1) developing full length infectious DNA clones of a Pelarspovirus to initiate gene reassortment analysis to determine virus-specific sequences responsible for disease pathology; 2) develop antiviral scFv constructs from broad-spectrum potyviral protease "HC-Pro" McAbs for expression in transgenic plants as another means of viral protection;  3) develop virus-specific and broad-spectrum reactive antibodies to viral synthetic peptides and/or bacterial expression clones for improved virus detection; 4) continue research on the detection and characterization of unknown, new and emerging viruses in important ornamental plants.


Hu, J.S., Ferreria, S., Wang, M., Borth, W.B., Mink, G., and Jordan, R.L.  Purification, host range, serology, and partial sequencing of Dendrobium mosaic potyvirus, a new member of the bean common mosaic virus subgroup.   Phytopathology 85:542-546. 1995.

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Jordan, R.L.  Successful development of monoclonal antibodies to three carnation viruses, using an admixture of only partially purified virus preparations as immunogen, and their use in virus diagnosis.  Acta Horticulture 568:177-184.  2002.

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Guaragna, M.A., Ndum, O., Jordan, R.L. Detection and characterization of two previously undescribed potyviruses in the terrestrial orchid Spiranthes cernua.  Acta Horticulturae (Accepted May 16, 2005).  2006.

Guaragna, M.A., Jordan, R.L. and Putnam, M. First molecular evidence of the occurrence of a pea mosaic strain of Bean yellow mosaic virus in Verbena x hybrida.    Acta Horticulturae (Accepted May 16, 2005).  2006.

Jordan, R.L. and Guaragna, M.A.  Detection and characterization of a new potyvirus, Impatiens flower break virus, infecting New Guinea Impatiens.  Archives of Virology (submitted).

Jordan, R.L., Guaragna, M.A., Van Buren, T., Putnam, M.L.  First Report of a New Potyvirus, Tricyrtis virus Y, and Lily virus X Potexvirus, in Tricyrtis formosana in the United States.  Plant Disease (submitted)

Other Publications:

Jordan, R.L. and Hammond, J.  Expression of viral genes and viral and antiviral proteins in transgenic plants to confer virus resistance. In: Pest Management: Biologically Based Technologies (Lumsden and Vaughn, eds.) American Chemical Society, pp. 304-312. 1994.

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Jordan, R.L.   Production and application of monoclonal antibodies to plant pathogenic bacteria, Spiroplasmas, and mycoplasma-like organisms.  In: Advanced Methods in Plant Pathology, CRC Press, Boca Raton, FL.  1994.

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Hammond, J., Hsu, H.T., Huang, Q., Jordan, R.L., Kamo, K. and Pooler, M.  Transgenic approaches to disease resistance in ornamental crops. Journal of Crop Improvement (Accepted May 24, 2005).  2006.

GenBank Submissions:

AF227728     Pepper mottle virus, coat protein gene
AF465545     Sunflower mosaic virus, 3' terminal genome portion
AY038066     Elderberry latent virus, complete genome
AY038067     Pelargonium line pattern virus, complete genome
AY038068     Pelargonium ringspot virus, complete genome
AY038069     Pelargonium chlorotic ring pattern virus, complete genome
AY206394     Beet mosaic virus, complete genome
AY508411     Pepino mosaic virus, US3 strain, 3' terminal genome portion
AY509926     Pepino mosaic virus, US1 strain, complete genome
AY509927     Pepino mosaic virus, US2 strain, complete genome
AY520092     Bean yellow mosaic virus, PMV strain, Verbena isolate, 3' terminal portion
AY685218     Spiranthes mosaic virus 3, 3' terminal genome portion
AY685219     Spiranthes mosaic virus 2, 3' terminal genome portion
AY697300     Euphorbia ringspot virus, 3' terminal genome portion
AY864849     Lily virus X, Tricyrtis formosana isolate, 3' terminal genome portion
AY864850     Tricyrtis virus Y, 3' terminal genome portion
AY864851     Impatiens flower break potyvirus, 3' terminal genome portion
AY974328     Omphalodes virus Y, 3' terminal genome portion
DQ523597     Impatiens necrotic spot virus, Schizanthus -B isolate, NP gene
DQ523598     Impatiens necrotic spot virus, Gloxinia -Igg isolate, NP gene
DQ523599     Tomato spotted wilt virus, L isolate, nucleoprotein gene
EF441726     Vallota mosaic virus, 3' terminal genome portion
EU363481     Columbian datura virus, 3' terminal genome portion
EU433920     Arabis mosaic virus-MD, coat protein gene

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