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Floral and Nursery Plants Research Unit

Dr. Robert J. Griesbach

Research Geneticist
{Beltsville, MD}


CRIS Project Title:  
Genetic Improvement of Floral Crops for Pest, Disease, and Stress Tolerance and Ornamental Qualities

Conducts a broad based research program in the genetics of floral plants. Enhanced germplasm is created from wild species that is disease, insect and stress tolerant. New technologies (i.e., embryo rescue, genetic engineering, molecular markers, etc.) are developed to aid in creating of novel germplasm. Recent research focuses on determining the inheritance of horticulturally valuable traits, such as flower color. The genetics of anthocyanin gene regulation is being studied.

Developed a non-tissue culture system for introducing DNA into the axillary meristem of plants growing in pots. Correlated the biochemical genetics of the flavonoid pathway and the genetics of vacuolar pH with specific flower colors. Determined the evolutionary relationships between Petunia species using the sequence of the chalcone synthase gene intron. Developed a series of Ornithogalum hybrids for potted-plant and cut-flower production that received both US and Australian plant patents.  In cooperation with John Stommel of the Vegetable Laboratory, developed novel peppers for dual use as culinary and ornamental production. One cultivar, ‘Black Pearl’ received the 2006 All-America Selections Award.

To investigate the genetic regulation of tissue-specific anthocyanin gene expression using petunia as a model system. Continue to develop dual use peppers for culinary and ornamental production.


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