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Current Postdoctoral Research Associates include:

Henry Guo
Plant Pathologist

James Kilcrease
Plant Pathologist

Michael Stulberg
Molecular Biologist

Chandra Thammina

Ruchi Verma

Paulo Vieira

Some Previous PostDocs included:


Mr. Ron Beck

Supports research on breeding and genetics of woody ornamental plants, including molecular markers and flow cytometry. Maintains molecular laboratory and conducts plant tissue culture experiments.

Ms. Susan E. Bentz

Hybridizes and evaluates hemlock species for resistance to wooly adelgid. Develops techniques for propagating superior selections of disease and insect-resistant trees. Manages national tree distribution and evaluation program.

Mr. Chris VonKohn
Plant Geneticist

Supports woody ornamental breeding and germplasm programs by conducting molecular analyses, making crosses, evaluating germplasm and hybrids, and analyzing data.

Ms. Mary Ann Guaragna
Plant Pathologist

Supports research on investigations on the biochemical and serological nature of plant viruses, their genomes and gene products. Coordinates and performs recombinant DNA-related experiments, including the expression of viral or anti-viral genes in transgenic plants. Maintains, operates, and coordinates use of laboratory DNA sequencer and genetic analyzer instrument.

Mr. David Kidwell-Slak

Oversees greenhouse/polyhouse complex for shrub research group; investigates propagation methodologies; evaluates germplasm; conducts hybridization studies in the family Hamamelidaceae. International Registrar for Lagerstroemia.

Dr. Robert Webster

Oversees the National Arboretum herbarium: collects and identifies plants, ensures that research material and living germplasm collections are represented by specimens in the herbarium, maintains and adds to the specimen database, and trains and assists Herbarium volunteers, and investigates the nomenclature of ornamental grasses.

Mr. Zheng-Lian Xia

Oversees genetic laboratory work for the taxonomy program, obtains comparative genetic marker profiles for estimating parentage of plants and genetic similarity of populations, and obtains DNA sequences for inferring relationships among tree species and accessions.

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