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Long-term Research Results in Oakleaf Hydrangeas
for Small Landscapes

Research from the National Arboretum’s worksite located in McMinnville, TN has resulted in the development and introduction of two new compact forms of oakleaf hydrangea (Hydrangea quercifolia), a shrub native to the southeastern U.S. ‘Ruby Slippers’ grows to about 3.5 feet tall and 5 feet wide and has large panicles of flowers that mature to a deep rose color. ‘Munchkin’ is slightly smaller, at 3 feet tall and 4.5 feet wide, and has flowers that age to a medium pink color. Both cultivars are hardy from zones 5 to 8 and can be grown in light shade or full sun. They are ideal for the shrub border, as a deciduous hedge, or for mass plantings in large areas.


‘Ruby Slippers’ and ‘Munchkin’ are the result of approximately 12 years of controlled pollinations, selection, and testing by Arboretum Research Geneticist Sandy Reed, and are the first releases from the hydrangea genetic improvement program. Prior to their release, ‘Ruby Slippers’ and ‘Munchkin’ were evaluated by cooperators throughout the U.S. The U.S. National Arboretum does not have stock plants of ‘Ruby Slippers’ or ‘Munchkin’ available for general distribution, but the plants should be available in the retail market in 2011. Meanwhile, you can see these plants growing near the Administration Building at the National Arboretum. ‘Munchkin’ is located under the large crapemyrtle near the kiosk for tram tickets, and ‘Ruby Slippers’ can be seen near the southwest corner of the koi pond under the metasequoia.


Requests for wholesale availability or other information on these new cultivars should be addressed to: Dr. Sandra Reed, U.S. National Arboretum, 472 Cadillac Lane, McMinnville, TN 37110, or Or check out our ‘Ruby Slippers’ and ‘Munchkin’ fact sheets for more information on these exciting new plants.






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Munchkin Hydrangea quercifolia 'Munchkin'

Hydrangea quercifolia

Ruby Slippers

Hydrangea quercifolia
'Ruby Slippers'


Ruby Slippers
Hydrangea quercifolia
'Ruby Slippers'

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