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Myriophyllum mexicanum S.Watson ISOTYPE

Corylopsis cordata Merr. ex H.L.Li PARATYPE

Aesculus xdupontii Sarg. EX TYPE PLANT

Humiriastrum mapiriense Cuatrec. ISOTYPE

Deutzia rubens Rehder PARATYPE
Deutzia schneideriana Rehder PARATYPE
Fendlera utahensis (S.Watson) Greene (Under Review)
Philadelphus texensis var. coryanus S.Y.Hu AUTHENTIC SPECIMEN

Phacelia grisea A.Gray ISOTYPE
Phacelia pachyphylla A.Gray ISOTYPE
Phacelia parishii A.Gray ISOTYPE
Phacelia plumosa Kellogg ex Brand SYNTYPE
Phacelia pringlei A.Gray AUTHENTIC SPECIMEN

Gomphandra sorsogonensis Elmer NOT VALID PUBL
Gonocaryum maclurei Merr. NOT NOMENCLATURAL TYPE
Sarcostigma surigaoensis Elmer NOT VALID PUBL
Stemonurus flavicarpus Elmer SYNTYPE

Illicium brevistylum A.C.Sm. PARATYPE
Illicium floridanum f. album F.G.Meyer & P.M.Mazzeo HOLOTYPE
Illicium griffithii Hook.f. & Thomson NOT NOMENCLATURAL TYPE
Illicium lanceolatum A.C.Sm. PARATYPE
Illicium pachyphyllum A.C.Sm. ISOTYPE
Illicium pachyphyllum A.C.Sm. PARATYPE
Illicium ternstroemioides A.C.Sm. PARATYPE
Illicium tsangii A.C.Sm. ISOTYPE

Tigridia alpestris subsp. obtusa Molseed ISOTYPE
Trimezia fistulosa R.C.Foster ISOTYPE
Trimezia juncifolia (Klatt) Benth. & Hook.f. NOT NOMENCLATURAL TYPE

Carya ashei (Sudw.) Kelsey & Dayton (Under Review)
Carya tomentosa f. ovoidea (Sarg.) E.J.Palmer & Steyerm. EX TYPE PLANT
Hicoria ashei Sudw. (Under Review)
Hicoria fernowiana Sudw. NOT VALID PUBL
Hicoria fernowiana Sudw. NOT VALID PUBL
Hicoria fernowiana Sudw. NOT VALID PUBL

Juncus balticus f. opulentus Lepage ISOTYPE
Juncus bryoides F.J.Herm. ISOTYPE
Juncus dubius f. rugulosus (Engelm.) Hoover NOT NOMENCLATURAL TYPE
Juncus heldreichianus subsp. orientalis Snogerup PARATYPE
Juncus oreganus Engelm. NOT NOMENCLATURAL TYPE
Juncus rugulosus Engelm. NOT NOMENCLATURAL TYPE
Luzula cuprina Rochel ex Steud. ISOTYPE

Krameria lanceolata Torr. (Under Review)

Callicarpa attenuifolia Elmer ISOTYPE
Callicarpa bodinieri var. giraldii (Rehder) Rehder NOT NOMENCLATURAL TYPE
Callicarpa epiphytica Elmer ISOTYPE
Callicarpa sorsogonensis Elmer ISOTYPE
Coleus integrifolius Elmer ISOTYPE
Eremostachys sanglechensis Rech.f. ISOTYPE
Monarda viridissima Correll ISOTYPE
Monardella palmeri A.Gray ISOTYPE
Monardella pringlei A.Gray ISOTYPE
Poliomintha bicolor S.Watson ISOTYPE
Salvia albiflora M.Martens & Galeotti NOT NOMENCLATURAL TYPE
Salvia brachyodonta Briq. ISOTYPE
Salvia jaliscana Briq. ISOTYPE
Salvia lycioides A.Gray AUTHENTIC SPECIMEN
Salvia platphylla Briq. ISOTYPE
Scutellaria laevis Shinners ISOTYPE
Scutellaria suffrutescens S.Watson ISOTYPE
Stachys rothrockii A.Gray ISOTYPE
Vitex amazonica (Moldenke) Moldenke ISOTYPE

Stauntonia maculata Merr. ISOTYPE

Actinodaphne cinerea Elmer ISOTYPE
Aiouea rubra A.C.Sm. ISOTYPE
Beilschmiedia kwangtungensis Kosterm. PARATYPE
Cinnamomum mindanaense Elmer ISOTYPE
Cryptocarya hainanensis Merr. ISOTYPE
Cryptocarya maclurei Merr. ISOTYPE
Cryptocarya mannii var. oahuensis O.Deg. ISOTYPE
Cryptocarya mannii var. oahuensis O.Deg. ISOTYPE
Cryptocarya pacifica Elmer NOT VALID PUBL
Lindera apoensis Elmer ISOTYPE
Litsea maclurei Merr. PARATYPE
Ocotea uxpanapana T.Wendt & van der Werff PARATYPE
Persea flavifolia Lundell PARATYPE
Persea gentlei Lundell PARATYPE
Persea hintonii C.K.Allen PARATYPE
Persea pyriformis Elmer ISOTYPE
Persea surigaoensis Elmer ISOTYPE

Chytroma mexiana R.Knuth LECTOTYPE

Lemna torreyi Austin ISOTYPE

Utricularia asplundii P.Taylor PARATYPE

Cynanchum racemosum var. unifarium (Scheele) Sundell (Under Review)
Gonolobus unifarius Scheele ISOLECTOTYPE
Roulinia palmeri S.Watson ISOTYPE

Allium geyeri var. chatterelyi S.L.Welsh PARATYPE
Allium membranaceum Munz & D.D.Keck ex Ownbey ISOTYPE
Allium parishii S.Watson ISOTYPE
Allium perdulce S.V.Fraser PARATYPE
Allium tolmiei var. persimile Ownbey ISOTYPE
Amaryllis starkiorum I.S.Nelson & Traub NOT NOMENCLATURAL TYPE
Amaryllis starkiorum I.S.Nelson & Traub AUTHENTIC SPECIMEN
Bloomeria clevelandii S.Watson SYNTYPE
Bomarea klugii Killip ISOTYPE
Bomarea velascoana Vargas ISOTYPE
Calochortus kennedyi Porter ISOTYPE
Calochortus longebarbatus S.Watson ISOTYPE
Calochortus madrensis S.Watson ISOTYPE
Calochortus palmeri S.Watson ISOTYPE
Calochortus rhodothecus Clokey ISOTYPE
Glyphosperma palmeri S.Watson ISOTYPE
Hosta jonesii M.G.Chung PARATYPE
Hosta yingeri S.B.Jones HOLOTYPE
Hosta yingeri S.B.Jones PARATYPE
Hosta yingeri S.B.Jones PARATYPE
Hosta yingeri S.B.Jones PARATYPE
Hosta yingeri S.B.Jones PARATYPE
Hypoxis humilis Tharp COTYPE
Muilla clevelandii (S.Watson) Hoover SYNTYPE
Tofieldia nuda var. furusei Hiyama AUTHENTIC SPECIMEN
Trillium albidum J.D.Freeman ISOTYPE
Trillium decipiens J.D.Freeman ISOTYPE
Trillium foetidissimum J.D.Freeman ISOTYPE
Trillium lancifolium Raf. ISONEOTYPE
Trillium reliquum J.D.Freeman ISOTYPE
Trillium vaseyi Harb. ISOLECTOTYPE
Triteleia xtubergenii L.W.Lenz ISOTYPE

Linum lewisii var. saxosum Maguire & A.H.Holmgren ISOTYPE

Fagraea epiphytica Elmer ISOTYPE
Spigelia gentianoides Chapm. ex A.DC. (Under Review)
Spigelia lindheimeri A.Gray (Under Review)
Strychnos elaeocarpa Gilg ex Leeuwenb. ISOTYPE
Strychnos elaeocarpa Gilg ex Leeuwenb. ISOTYPE

Loranthus adamsii Cheeseman ISOTYPE
Loranthus incarnatus Elmer ISOTYPE
Loranthus preslii Elmer ISOTYPE
Loranthus saccatus Elmer ISOTYPE
Psittacanthus hortonii Standl. & F.A.Barkley ISOTYPE

Cuphea pringlei S.Watson ISOTYPE

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