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Picture of Rosa bracteata, Macartney Rose.  Click here for a larger image.
This is Macartney Rose, Rosa bracteata.

The Macartney rose (nothing to do with Paul!) is an unusual and valuable evergreen climbing species rose native to China. The original plant was believed to have been collected in Eastern China by Sir George Staunton and brought to England by Lord Macartney in 1793 (it is also one of the parents of the classic climber 'Mermaid'). This evergreen thorny shrub rose invades open disturbed areas and can form dense, impenetrable thickets in open forests and pastures. It has become naturalized and now thrives in the southeastern parts of the United States due in part to the similar climate to its native habitat in China. It now can be found from Virginia to Florida to Texas. The beautiful flower of Rosa bracteata are 5 petaled, large (2-3 inches across), pure white with several hundred orange-yellow prominent stamens surrounding the pistils of each flower. It blooms from late June to July and throughout the summer and flowers can usually be found on R. bracteata well in to the autumn months of October and November. The blossoms are lightly scented - many say the rich fragrance is reminiscent of lemons or apricots. It is hardy in USDA Hardiness Zones 6 through 9, and the foliage is completely disease resistant and persists through the winter. The Macartney rose, with its exceptionally leathery and dark, glossy foliage, has been used to create hybrids with particularly beautiful, disease-resistant leaves, heat tolerance and may offer hope for resistance to a new disease known as “rose rosette”. You can find Rosa bracteata in the Herb Garden at the National Arboretum. [You can also learn more about China Roses here].

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