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Answer to the Front Page Picture of the Week Question
for Aug 26th - Sept 6th, 2005

Picture of Lagerstroemia Tuscarora.  Click here for a larger image.
This is Lagerstroemia 'Tuscarora', or 'Tuscarora' crapemyrtle.

The unusual spherical shapes shown here (inset) are magnified pollen grains from this 'Tuscarora' crapemyrtle U.S. National Arboretum introduction. The National Arboretum has an active crapemyrtle breeding program in which pollen plays a major role. Pollen is collected from one crapemyrtle with a desired trait, like powdery mildew resistance, and used to pollinate the flower of another crapemyrtle with another desired trait, such as recurrent blooming. The result of hundreds of crosses and thousands of seedlings is the selection and naming of a new cultivar like 'Tuscarora'. Lagerstroemia 'Tuscarora' is best known for its resistance to powdery mildew, recurrent blooming into late September, and stunning exfoliating bark. As with most crapemyrtles, this one is hardy in USNA Hardiness Zones 7-9. You can view a Lagerstroemia 'Tuscarora'
in the Introduction Garden and the Gotelli Dwarf and Slow Growing Conifer Collection.

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