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Ulmus 'Patriot' hybrid Elm 
The U.S. National Arboretum presents Ulmus 'Patriot', a hybrid elm for planting sites demanding a big, tough tree. 'Patriot' was bred and selected for its pest and disease tolerance and wide, vase-shaped crown. Fast growing and highly tolerant to Dutch elm disease, it is easily established in the nursery or landscape. Select 'Patriot' for those park, lawn or highway sites requiring a tree of exceptional vigor. 
Picture of Ulmus 'Patriot' hybrid Elm  Picture of fall form of Ulmus 'Patriot' hybrid Elm
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'Patriot' Hybrid Elm 

Botanical Name: Ulmus ('Urban' x wilsoniana 'Prospector') 'Patriot' 
(NA 60071; PI 566597)
Family: Ulmaceae
Hardiness: U.S.D.A. Zones 4 - 9
Development: 'Patriot' resulted from a controlled pollination made in 1980 by A. M. Townsend between Ulmus 'Urban' and a selection of the Chinese species, U. wilsoniana, later released as 'Prospector'. 'Patriot' was selected initially for its tolerance to Dutch elm disease in field inoculation studies in Delaware, OH, and Glenn Dale, MD. In further field and laboratory evaluations, 'Patriot' showed the highest level of elm leaf beetle tolerance of more than 600 hybrids resulting from the 1980 cross. Released 1993.
Significance: 'Patriot' is a hybrid elm with a moderately vase-shaped crown, showing high levels of tolerance to two of the major disease and insect pests of landscape elms. It has also shown field tolerance to natural infections of elm yellows. In contrast with many elms, it is rapidly and easily established in the nursery and has performed well in locations from Texas and Iowa to Maine.
Description: Height and Width: 43 feet tall with a crown spread of 25 feet in 13 years; achieved 30 feet and up to 5 inch caliper in 8 years in sod culture. Gets off to a fast start. 
Habit: Vigorous, single-stemmed, deciduous tree with moderately vase-shaped crown. Excellent in nursery row. 
Foliage: Large green, serrate leaves average 4 inches long and 3 inches wide. Yellowish autumn color. Moderate resistance to elm leaf beetle damage.
Culture: Tolerates a wide variety of growing conditions, including poor or alkaline soils, salts, and air pollution.
Propagation: Roots easily from softwood cuttings under mist, 3000 ppm IBA, within 4 weeks. Makes rapid growth from cuttings. 
Landscape Use: Good substitute for American elm where a tree with high, spreading crown or large shade tree is desired. Useful for streets and parks in urban and community plantings.
Availability: Limited commercial availablity. 


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