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Arboretum Announcement Regarding
the Azalea and Boxwood Collections

Images of azalea plants

The U. S. National Arboretum has suspended actions to remove the Glenn Dale azaleas from our extensive collection of azaleas, as well as the National Boxwood Collection and Perennials Collection, subject to further discussions with stakeholders about the process and criteria for decisions about our collections. Although the resource challenges facing the Arboretum which initially led to these decisions are still very real and in need of solution, we want to reassess our current resource use and opportunities to expand private support before we reduce or eliminate collections the public so values.

We have heard and appreciate the public outpouring of comments and concerns about deaccessioning the Glenn Dale azaleas and the boxwood and perennials collections. Managing resources through difficult times is challenging, but with the advice and guidance of our many stakeholders and colleagues we hope to develop an effective and well-understood policy for implementing decisions about our collections, as well as innovative approaches to developing new resources to sustain and support the Arboretum.

Please share your ideas and recommendations regarding these issues by responding to the questions we have posted in a new comment box on this website here. We are eager to add your ideas to our decision-making processes.


Colien Hefferan, Director
U.S. National Arboretum

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