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Out with the Old, In with the New

Image of Rhododendron austrinum flowers

Every gardener will tell you that a garden is never "finished." There is always something to be done. Whether itís spotting a new tree, planting fabulous annuals, weeding a perennial bed, or just flipping through seed catalogs, a garden is always in flux. Our tastes may even change from year to year, compelling us to rearrange all our planting beds or perhaps change up the color scheme around the yard.

Just like your garden, the National Arboretum is always changing, too. A tweak here, a major overhaul there: our horticulturists are never at rest so long as wonderful plants and gardens exist. Spring isnít so far away anymore (Didnít we just start winter?), and weíre already gearing up for another exciting growing season.

Come along with us as we venture forth into new and exciting gardening challenges.
Here are a few things to look for in the coming year at the National Arboretum:

Image of Prunus Yoshino
The first planting phase of the new Flowering Tree Walk.

Image of Rhododendron aromi Aromi Sunrise


One hundred twenty-five new deciduous and evergreen azaleas (68 taxa) in the Azalea Collection.


Image of Admin Building plants
Renovated planting beds at front of the Administration Building.


Image of Sphagnum Bog Planting bed
A new sphagnum bog in the entrance of the Fern Valley Native Plant Collection which highlights northern bog species, including cranberry (Vaccinium sp.), pitcher plant (Sarracenia sp.), and grass pink orchid (Calopogon sp.).

Image of Iris flower
Four thousand newly planted irises (9 taxa) in the Perennial Collection.

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