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Arborist Album:
Bartlett Tree Experts
Come to the Aid of Arboretum Trees

Images of Bartlett Tree Experts at work at USNA

In the morning hours of Saturday, October 23, 2004 - Bartlett Tree Experts arborist crews arrived in force at the U.S. National Arboretum to work on Arboretum trees. In this Day of Service, more than 60 of Bartlettís staff from home offices throughout the region completed various arboriculture tasks in the arboretumís collections. With them came a full complement of equipment and trucks. Without delay, staff broke into five work groups to work on trees in different locations throughout the Arboretum. Crews worked on cabling to protect an elm from storm damage, pruning dead wood from trees, root excavation of two trees to reveal root zone problems, planting maples in the Maple Collection, and fertilizing trees. Thousands of dollars of arborist services were donated in this single day of service. The dedication of support groups, like Bartlett Tree Experts, is instrumental in keeping the Arboretum grounds in good shape. Bartlett Tree Experts, headquartered in Stamford, CT, was founded in 1907. Bartlett has become a leading scientific tree and shrub care company and has offices throughout the U.S., Canada, Great Britain, and Ireland. Its chairman, Robert A. Bartlett, sits on the Board of Directors of the Friends of the National Arboretum.

Staff were briefed about the work they would be doing over breakfast at a local hotel, where many had stayed the night before. When they arrived at the Arboretum, they went directly to their work sites and began to work on the trees.

image of Air Space R Street Lot 3

An arborist uses an air spade to blast the soil away from the root system of a failing 'October Glory' red maple in the R Street parking lot near the Administration Building. The excavation revealed a number of girdling roots that caused the tree to suffer. Some of the girdling roots were severed and compost was added to the soil to stimulate new growth.

image of Court of Honor

Nearby, in the Court of Honor section of the Introduction Garden, arborists worked to prune trees overhanging some of the oldest specimens of Arboretum plant introductions.

image of Court of Honor 3

A climber works on pruning a large chestnut oak near the Court of Honor. Climber is an arborist designation for someone who is skilled in working in the tree tops, often hoisting themselves and their equipment up on ropes.

image of Ground Crew COH
Climbers always work with ground support staff.

image of R Street Oak

A climber works high in an oak in the R Street parking lot.

image of Cabling Elm R Street 2

Arborists prepare to prune and cable the large elm tree near the R Street gate.

image of Cabling Elm 3

A bucket truck is used to provide a stable platform from which the arborists can work. Other arborists are suspended from ropes.

image of Azaleas Bartlett 2
An arborist works in an oak amid the changing leaves.
The weather was superb.

image of Azaleas Bartlett 3
Trucks and equipment assembled near the Morrison Garden in the Azalea Collections to perform a variety of tasks.

image of Azalea Bartlett 2

An arborist uses a chainsaw from a bucket truck.

image of Lacebark Pine

The large lacebark pine in the Morrison Garden in the Azalea Collections has been declining for a few years. Cabling, using the newly developed Cobra system. Cobra cabling does not require drilling into branches and encourages the tree to form wood to brace its own branches.

image of Tree Spade Lacebark Pine 2

The air spade was brought in to
provide a closer look at the root system.

image of Lacebark Roots 2

Over time, an excess of mulch had built up. Under the thick organic layer, the ground was hard and dry. The excess mulch was removed and compost was added to stimulate root growth and improve the porosity of the underlying soil.

image of Maples
Pruning was completed in several large trees in the Maple Collection.

image of Fertilizer Injection 2
Fertilizer was injected near trees in the Maple Collection to improve their health.

image of Planting Maples

New maple trees were planted to expand the collection.

image of Martin and Greeley

Several Arboretum staff were on hand to assist the arborists, among them were Susan Martin, left, and Susan Greeley, right.

image of Lunch Preparations
By mid morning, lunch preparations were well underway.

image of Lunch

Participants feasted on a hearty barbecue meal.

image of COBRA system installation
Installation of COBRA system in a
lace bark pine by Joe Bones, of Bartlett.


image of elm tree injections

Alan Jones and Rob Springer, of Bartlett,
are injecting an American Elm as
a preventative to Dutch Elm disease.

image of COBRA system installation
Arboretum staff members Jim Adams and Sue Martin
with the Bartlett maple planting crew.

image of Huxley, Westfall, and Horan
Friends of the National Arboretum Board Member Franziska Huxley (left), FONA Chairman Tuckie Westfall (center), and FONA Executive Director Kathy Horan (right) brought deserts and snacks to complement the feast.

image of Dr. Elias addressing Bartlett staff 2

Director Thomas Elias addressed the group,
thanking them for their help.
image of Robert Bartlett

Robert A. Bartlett addressed the crowd,
thanking them for their service.

image of Certificate Presentation
Elias presented Bartlett with a certificate of appreciation.

image of T Shirt

Each participant received a t-shirt
to remember the 2004 Day of Service.


image of the whole team
Group Photo 

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