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Well…….it isn't really, but its name might make you think it is. It's called a Weeping Blue Atlas Cedar. You know how when you cry, your tears run down your cheeks like little streams of water? Some people think that when branches of trees grow like this one, it looks like water is flowing, or the tree is weeping. We have other kinds of plants with weeping branches at the arboretum. Here are two of them:
Weeping Katsura Tree                                                   Weeping European Beech
                                                             Weeping Katsura Tree                                                      Weeping European Beech
                                                                (Asian Collections)                                                       (Holly/Magnolia Collections)
                                                        Cercidiphyllum magnificum                                                 Fagus sylvatica 'Pendula'
                                                                   var. pendulum

By the way, we think Weeping Blue Atlas Cedar looks like a big monster. What do you think? (It's a friendly monster, though, and is fun to sit under.)

tour stop 27

Bonus fact:
The Weeping Blue Atlas Cedar belongs to a group of evergreen trees called cedars. One way to identify a cedar is to look at how its needles are growing. Most cedars have a circle of needles growing out of a short, fat piece of stem called a spur. See if you can identify any cedars growing in your neighborhood.

Weeping Blue Atlas Cedar 1                                             Weeping Blue Atlas Cedar 2

How to find the Weeping Blue Atlas Cedar at the Arboretum:
Enter the Gotelli Dwarf and Slow Growing Conifer Collection at the sign for the collection. Take the left path at the fork. Continue straight across when you come to another path that crosses yours. Walk up the slight hill and look to your left—you can't miss it!

Scientific name for Weeping Blue Atlas Cedar: Cedrus atlantica 'Glauca Pendula'

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