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Did you recognize this as poison ivy? A lot of adults don't know how to identify poison ivy. It's important to know what it looks like because it's a very common native vine that grows in woods and fields in many places in the United States and most people are allergic to it, getting itchy blisters on their skin. Even when the leaves brush lightly against the skin of allergic people, they can cause a reaction. The bare stems of poison ivy contain the oil, too, so in winter when the leaves are not on the plant, you can still get a rash. Learn to recognize poison ivy so you can enjoy walking outdoors wherever you are.

poison ivy
Can you spot the poison ivy in this picture?

Bonus fact:
Poison ivy, like rosemary (tour stop #6), has oils in its cells that help protect it from animals that would like to eat it. Believe it or not, animals other than humans (like insects and rodents) can learn to avoid plants that make them feel bad.

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