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Did you know that you could design "outdoor rooms" with plants? Some people who design gardens like to think of them as extensions of a home's indoor rooms. You might step out of an indoor dining room to a deck that has tables and chairs for outdoor eating. Then you could step off the deck into a paved patio that has lounge chairs for relaxing. With what space in your home could you compare this long outdoor space in our National Herb Garden?

Inside of the arbor in the National Herb Garden
Inside of the arbor in the National Herb Garden.

Bonus fact:
A long covered outdoor walkway is called an arbor. It usually has vines growing on it whose leaves overlap to create a shaded space. The vine on this arbor is a grapevine.

Where to find the arbor at the Arboretum:
There are two long arbors in the National Herb Garden. Enter the garden, walk towards the fountain, then pick whether you walk to the arbor on your left or the one on your right.

Scientific name for this grapevine: Vitus vinifera/sterile/(this one doesn't produce fruit so it's less messy and doesn't attract stinging insects)

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