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It looks like a goldfish, but it’s a special fish called a "koi" (rhymes with boy). If you look closely at the mouth of a koi, you’ll see that there’s a tiny "whisker" at each corner. That’s how you can tell it’s not a goldfish—goldfish don’t have whiskers.

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Bonus fact:
Koi can live almost as long as humans and can weigh as much as a small child. A 50-year-old koi might weigh 30 pounds and be up to 3 feet long.

Koi come in many different colors and patterns.

How to find the koi at the Arboretum:
The koi are in the pool that surrounds the Administration Building. They live here all year long. In the winter, though, they’re in the deepest part of the pool resting, so you won’t see them. Please feed them only the special food that you can buy at the Arboretum for 25 cents.

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